Miscellaneous E & O Liability Insurance:
Eligible Classes

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Occupations and Business Categories:
Acoustical Consultants
Advertising Agents
Advertising Material Distributors
Advertising Media Buyers
Aerial Surveyors
Agricultural / Horticultural Consultants (Non-Forestry)
Air Quality Consultants
Alarm Consultants
Analytical, Research Laboratories
Answering Services / Help Desks
Antique Dealers / Restorers
Appraisers (Automotive, Commercial Equipment/Farm or Personal Property)
Arbitrators / Mediators
Arborists / Tree Surgeons
Art Therapists
Auction Houses
Audio / Acoustics Technicians (Non-Medical)
Audio Consultants
Auditors (Excluding Financial Statement / Certification)
Bankruptcy Advisors
Billing / Coding Professionals
Bookbinding Professionals
Business Consultants
Business Managers
Business Planning Professionals
Business Transfer Agents
Call Center Outsourcing (Financial Services)
Call Center Outsourcing (Not Including Financial Services)
Career / Executive Coaching Counseling
Career Counselors
Caterers / Food Preparation
Chambers of Commerce
Chauffers / Driving Services
Child Care Advisors
Cholesterol Testers
Claim Adjusters
Claim Administrators
Claim Consultants
Coin / Gem / Art Dealers
Composers / Lyricists
Concierge / Welcome Services
Conservation Consultants
Construction Estimators
Construction Planning (Non-Project Management)
Consulting Motor Engineers
Consumer Services Professionals
Convention Management Professionals
Counselors/ Educators(Non marital / family)
Corporate / Entertainment Consultants
Cost Control Consultants
Courier / Messenger Services
Court Reporters / Stenographers
Credentialing (Health Plans or Hospitals)
Credit Bureaus (Data Collection / Reporting)
Custom Software Development
Customs Brokers
Dance Therapists
Data Analysis Consultants (Non-medical)
Direct Mail Services
Data Managers / Data Processors
Debt / Credit Managers - Investigators
Dental Hygienists
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
Dieticians / Nutritionists
Disaster Recovery Services (Non-Hot Site)
Disease Management Consultants
Document Imaging Professionals
Document Preparers
Document Storage / Destruction Professional
Domestic Services (Butler / Personal Assistant / Shopper)
Editors / Writers
Education Advisors
Education Consultants
Educational Testing Professionals
Electrolysis Practitioners / Electrologists
Employment Agents
Employment Verification Consultants
Energy Auditors (Commercial/Residential)
Energy Consultants
Environmental Inspectors
Ergonomic Consultants
Event / Convention / Trade Show / Wedding Planner
Executive Recruiters
Exhibit Designers
Expert Medical Witnesses (Excluding Medical Examinations)
Expert Witnesses (Non-Medical)
Farm Management Professionals
Feasibility Consultants
Film Editors
Financial Consultants
Financial Planners
Fine Arts / Goods Authenticators
Fire Control Specialists
Flood Zone Consultants
Flood Zone Consultant Architects (Landscape)
Food Inspectors
Forensic Analyzers
Forensic Counselors
Forensic Investigators (Non-Medical)
Forestry Management Professionals
Fulfillment Services (Not Involving E-Commerce Transactions)
Funeral Directors
Game Promoters
Golf Course Managers
Government Consumer Health & Safety Professionals
Grant Administrators
Grant Writers
Graphic Designers
Group Benefit Plan Administrators (Asset Management)
Group Benefit Plan Administrators (Non-Asset Management)
Group Benefit Plan Consultants
Group Benefit Plan Designers
Habitat Consultants
Handwriting Experts
Health Educators
Health & Safety Consultants
Healthcare Facilities (Management)
Healthcare Network Development (Including Physician Contracting)
Help Desk Services (Non-Technology)
Horticultural Consultants
Hotel & Hostel Services
Hotel Management Professionals
House & Moving Services
Human Resources Consultants
Incentive Plan Promoters
Independent Medical Examination
Industrial Hygiene Consultants
Information Bureau Professionals (Products Data / Non-Credit / Non-Personal Data)
Information Technology Security Services / Consulting (Not including Design/Development of Security Software)
Information Technology Services (Consulting/Installation/Integration/Maintenance/Training)
Information Technology Trainers
Inspector / Reinspector (Insurance)
Insurance Consultants
Insurance Underwriting / Claim Auditors
Interior Decorator / Color Consultants
Interior Design / Space Planners (Non-Structural)
Internet Access / Internet Service Providers
Interpreters/ Translators (Non-Medical)
Inventory Services
Janitorial / Cleaning Services
Kennel / Pet Instruction / Animal Grooming (Non-Veterinarian)
Lab Technicians (Non-medical)
Laboratories (Analytical, Research, Testing)
Land Surveyors
Land Use / Planning (Non-Lawyer)
Landscape Architects
Landscape Designers
Law Firm Administrators
Learning Services
Lease Agents / Brokers (Non-Real Estate)
Legal Consultants
Librarians (Photographic)
Librarians (Print)
Licensing Agents
Life Coach Counselors
Lighting Services
Literary Agents / Publicists
Lobbyists (Non-Lawyer)
Logistical / Supply Chain / Outsourcing Services
Loss Prevention Inspectors
Mailing (Address Companies)
Mailing (Boxing / Packaging Service)
Mailing (Direct Mail Advertising)
Mailing (Direct Mail Services)
Management / Regulatory Compliance / Auditing
Management Companies (Healthcare Facilities)
Management Consultants (Non-medical)
Marketing Consultants / Data Analysis
Marketing Research (Data Gathering / No Analysis)
Marketing Services
Mechanical & Maintenance Services
Media Representatives / Planners
Mediators / Arbitrators
Medical Case Managers
Medical Records Administrators
Medical Records Technicians
Medical Statistical Analysis / Cost Reporting
Meeting Planners
Microfilm & Records Bureaus
Multimedia Consultants
Multiple Listing Services
Museum Curators
Music Therapists
Noise Pollution Control Services
Notary Publics
Optometry Assistants / Technicians
Paging Services
Payroll Administrators
Pension Plan Administrators (Non-Asset Management)
Personnel Agencies / Temp Staffing Services (Non-nursing / medical)
Photographic Studios
Polygraph Operators / Analysts
Practice Management Professionals
Premium Finance Professionals
Pre-Packaged Software Development
Printing/Duplicating (Non-Financial/No Lottery Games)
Private Investigators (Non-Armed)
Process Servers
Producers /Distributors (Radio /TV /Film / Music)
Product Testing Services / Consumer Services
Project Management (Construction)
Project Management (Non-Construction)
Property / Facilities Managers (Commercial / Residential)
Property Preservationists (Commercial/Residential)
Public Opinion Polling / Tabulating Services
Public Relations Professionals
Publishers (Books/Magazines/Newspapers/Music)
Quality Assurance / Six-Sigma / Business Process
Recording Studios (Audio)
Recreation Consultants
Recycling Services
Referral Services (Non-Financial/Non-Medical)
Registration Agents (Automotive Title & Tag Service)
Relocation Agents (But Not Including: Title Agent / Title Escrow)
Removal Services
Reporters / Columnists
Research Services
Reservation Services / Ticket Sales (Non-Travel)
Resource Management
Resume / Letter Writing Services
Revegetation Consultants
Risk Managers / Consultants
Safety Consultants
School Administrators (Charm School)
School Counselors
Secretarial Services
Security System Consultants
Ship Brokers
Sleep Center Consultants
Speaker / Lecturer Bureaus
Speech / Hearing Therapists
Speech / Language Pathologists
Sports Officials (Umpire / Referee)
Sports Trainers
Standards / Certification Consultants
Talent Agents
Tax Preparers
Telecommunications Consultants
Telecommunications / Teleconferencing Design Services
Telecommunications / Teleconferencing Installation / Maintenance
Telemarketing Services
Temporary Employment Agency (Non-Medical / Non-Professional Staff)
Timber Consultants
Tour Operators
Tourist Information Consultants
Trade / Professional Associations
Traffic Consultants
Training / Continuing Education Consultants
Transcription / Captioning Services
Transportation Consultants
Travel Agents (Retail)
Tree Surgeons
Tutors / Educators
Typing Services
Union Representatives / Organizers
Video Taping / Microfilming Services
Vocational Counseling
Water & Land Drainage Specialists
Water Supply Consultants
Website Designers / Website Developers
Website Hosting Services
Wildlife / Naturalist
Insurance for Particular Professionals

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