Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program
The Hartford
Marketing Tools for Agents and Brokers

The marketing flyers listed below provide details about Target’s Lawyers Professional Liability Program. Please feel free to download and use these flyers with your firm’s marketing to prospective or renewal clients. “Customizable” versions omit Target’s branding and provide space for you to add contact information for your firm.

Risk Management Articles

Here’s another tool to use when marketing to new or renewal accounts. For example, email a Risk Management article to your clients monthly, post the series on your own Web site, or even include a sample article in your proposals to prospective clients. Our only stipulation is that nothing in the articles can be changed, especially the author credits at the bottom.

NEW! Programs Directory

This Programs Directory is a handy reference for agents & brokers. It includes pertinent details and contact information for each Target Program.

If We Could Talk ...

NEW! “If We Could Talk …” series

The “If We Could Talk …” series of very brief articles is written by Nicholas Bozzo, President of Target Professional Programs. Articles address insurance subtleties and significant issues. For example, Vol. I, Issue 1, discusses the perils of hidden costs in Additional Insured Endorsements.

Insurance for Particular Professionals

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