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Meet Our Insurance Team


Nicholas Bozzo Nicholas Bozzo
President, Target Professional Programs
You can reach Nicholas at (862) 286-3515 or via email.
Chris Foley Chris Foley
Marketing Communications Director
You can reach Chris at (860) 899-1862 or via email
Donna Hearn
Administrative Services Manager
You can reach Donna at (860) 748-4468 or via email
Diana Posada
Assistant Vice President & Business Analyst
You can reach Diana at (860) 331-8953 or via email


Shawna Reidy
Vice President, Underwriting Manager
You can reach Shawna at (331) 333-8239 or via email
Tracy Bernsee
You can reach Tracy at (312) 855-2046 or via email
Shelley Cvek
You can reach Shelley at (331) 333-8240 or via email
Marlene Donoghue
Account Services Supervisor
You can reach Marlene at (331) 333-8230 or via email
Pam Feltz
Senior Underwriter
You can reach Pam at (331) 333-8227 or via email
Kristi Flores
Underwriting Assistant
You can reach Kristi at (331) 333-8232 or via email
Rosalind Hodges
You can reach Rosalind at (312) 855-2043 or via email
Ann Holtquist
Senior Underwriter
You can reach Ann at (331) 333-8220 or via email
Kim Marks
You can reach Kim at (331) 333-8228 or via email
Orsola Meo
You can reach Orsola at (331) 333-8235 or via email
Aprille Pecoraro
You can reach Aprille at (331) 333-8221 or via email
Lacy Podgers
You can reach Lacy at (331) 333-8229 or via email
Ann Tafoya
Senior Underwriter
You can reach Ann at (312) 855-2040 or via email
Lori Vitullo
Underwriting Assistant
You can reach Lori at (331) 333-8222 or via email
Insurance for Particular Professionals

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